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The idea of establishing this institute gained strength when Dr. Anurag jain , from his keen interest in establishing the college in field of nursing. He expressed his desire to contribute in some way to the nursing community in general. Since with the establishment of Anudish shikshan sansthan 2010, Gracious College has endeavored to serve the cause of enhancing the professional educational infrastructure for the fields of Nursing and Teachers Education in the Chhattisgarh, not by merely following the established standards for education, but by developing unique ways in which the quality of professional education is enhanced even while giving the greatest benefit to students in their careers.

A primary factor that has influenced this success is the innovation that has been put in place with regard to training and placements. Unlike other conventional approaches, Gracious College has a strong focus on training and the professional development of students in order to meet the global standards of healthcare. This will also help in fulfilling the personal passions of students in serving the community to the best extent possible.


A tangible source of strength for the popularity of Gracious College is the management team led by Dr. Ashutosh Shukla Dr.Anurag Jain and Mr Rajeev Sharma. The people behind the Institute carefully involve themselves with every bit of its functioning and are in close supervision of the day-to-day operations at Gracious College. The faculty is carefully selected for their caliber and this can be seen in the achievements that each of the faculty has to his or her credit. The involvement of the Management into the welfare of the students lends support to the students that will leave them with quality time for their education, and assures the families of students that their wards are in careful and responsible hands.

Gracious College has been able to maintain this position by innovatively redefining the tasks and challenges of the future of nursing in India. As we accommodate the demand from society for the highest level of care when it comes to healthcare services, we need to look towards providing training to healthcare professionals in a similar fashion. The present scenario in the industry is not very promising and it has been our intention to change this outlook. In order to do so, we have ventured into a type of education that has a closer proximity with the healthcare industry through our various collaborations, mainly with Various Hospitals, which in a very short period of time has established itself a reputation of providing the highest level of care. We hope that our success will inspire other Institutes to transform their outlook as well.