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Director's DESK

Dr. Anurag Jain { Director }

In the present context the significance for better health service has become more important. Although in the developing nations arranging health infrastructure is a important need. Therefore, with every increase in population the demand for health facilities, health workers is rising day by day. In the light of the changing socio - economic conditions of our country the problem of unemployment is orienting the masses to specialized vocational education courses.

As said earlier that the health sector has more space to accommodate trained man power, the specialized course of Bachelor of Science in Nursing obviously turns out as an opportunity for many. The present course for Bachelor of Science in Nursing has been designed to deliver all the required skills for efficient nursing to the trainees.

The major objective of the course is to produce competent health worker in the light of present needs. In this course the
trainees are not only given theoretical knowledge but also expose to various practical performance at different demonstration centers. The programme trainee to transform them into a social worker. It is a mission with the motto of "
Learn to Excel" and we wish that all those who join, shall pass out with the faith in themselves, "because a faith in our self puts all our aims within reach".

Mission & Vision

• Our Mission is to provide life long Learning Experience through Quality Education and Vocational Training.
• Incrizing people to Value Education and Employement .
• Motivate all students to identify and achieve their Goals and Experience .